12-16 September 2016 Hotel Safari and the Safari Court Windhoek, Namibia


The purpose and objective of IWRS is to focus on improving nature conservation in private and communal sectors. The basic question, “why should I manage for wildlife or human access to my lands when they do not add value to my interests and livelihood?” is a constant battle.

It is no use try to explain benefits of conservation to someone who struggles to survive daily, and does not receive any tangible benefits from conservation. The phrase “if it pays it stays” is very true indeed. Wildlife is a valuable natural resource and has the potential to improve people’s livelihoods and should be managed as such.

Finding conservation solutions is important because:

  • we benefit most often from food, wildlife and recreation produced on private and communal lands.
  • landowners have wildlife on their lands, but may not have incentives for management.
  • without the ecological contributions and spirit derived from nature, humans suffer.
  • without human thoughts and actions nature suffers.
  • wildlife and society needs private and communal support.


Amélia Wassenaar
Project Co-ordinator

Tel: +27 (0)12 335 6994